10 reasons why every SUCCESSFUL individual should have this book on their BOOK SHELF. 1

I see a winner in you (Dare to Dream) book by award winning author – Deji Yusuf.

1) Inspirational. The author shared his unique Inspirational story which demonstrates human resilience and determination.

2) The book includes a step by step approach that will help you to achieve your dreams.

3) In this book, Deji yusuf include many quotes. One of his favourite quote in the book is as follow, “My greatest pain isn’t the 35% burns I endured, but rather it is the untold story in my heart.”

4. The book has 12 months Total life Empowerment program which can be used to achieve your goals and dreams for the whole year.

5) Deji Yusuf shared power of networking and how this can help you towards achieving your dreams. It also informs you on how to network effectively.
6) The book can act as a catalyst towards boosting your confidence.

7) From this book, you will learn how to manage your time effectively.

8) The book teaches you how to set goals and plan towards achieving your dreams

9) You will learn 5 habits of high achievers.

10. Lastly, It will help you to discover your passion and purpose in life.

This book is worth reading. And you can purchase the book right now on amazon.com. search for ” I see a WINNER In you (Dare to dream)” by Deji yusuf

Alternately, plan to attend the book launch. The book will be officially launched on the 31st of October 2015
Canada Water cultural space. Opposite Canada Water station. Time: 1pm to 4pm.

For more information about the author visit www.dejiyusuf.com

I see a winner in you.

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