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The Lion that Disapproves of the Hunter’s Narrative

Until the lion learns to write, the story will be told by the hunter. 

Afrokanist Magazine is a bi-annual youth, culture and business independent publication based in London that aims to showcase balance representations of Africa and Africans through a youthful perspective.

We utilize creative freedom, forward-thinking and artistic expression to tell stories, to create challenging and engaging dialogues for Africans by Africans.

This is your invitation to be part of a family that hopes to explore and celebrate Africa and Africans in the global media market.

We are Expanding our team and we are looking for budding, entrepreneurs to fill various roles. Such as Photographers, Bloggers and Graphic Designers. Please contact afrokanist@gmail.com to get involved

Meet The Team

Ayo Ogunrekun
Abiola Balikis Salawe Bankole
Madeena Maishanu


My name is Madeena Maishanu, I am a journalist and freelance writer. I was born in Sokoto State, Nigeria and I grew up in Amsterdam, I feel that it is our responsibility, as the upcoming young African youths to portray to the world how beautiful African cultures and lifestyles are. I am extremely passionate about the reception that Africans in the diaspora receive due to the media coverage, so with this great opportunity in hand, it is a chance to show the world how beautiful Africa is and how smart and intelligent Africans are , with Afrokanist Magazine right at our disposal now, I can see all my dreams literally come through already.