African American Graphic Designer and Photographer becomes Queen Mother in Ghana.

Queen Mother of Ajumako Eshiem, Nana Ama Kukudam I also known as Joy Lee Tyrice Lillian Mary Inez Williams.

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According to the interview carried out by Nana Ama Kukudam was born in Baltimore, Maryland and was raised between Baltimore and New York. She attended the University of Maryland, where she majored in BA Graphic Design and Photography, also in 2008 she completed her MBA in General Management at the Metropolitan College of New York in Manhattan.


She explained her journey on becoming Queen Mother to, she believed that she was discovered by the divine work of the ancestors and God, she further explained that she regularly goes to Ghana where she met the chief and to her surprise she became closer to the royal family, ‘as if it were predestined’, she continued by stating ‘I’m the descendant of African slaves taken from Ghana, Nigeria and other parts of Africa during slavery, when they gave me the offer to become Nkosuo Hemaa, I was much honoured and also began to think about how my mother had always told me that we came from kings and queens in Africa. When I accepted it, I vowed to do all I could to help our people in Ghana and America (African-Americans and Ghanaians) as we are the same people’.


Nana Ama has began amazing work in Ghana such as building NGO for her home town, building primary schools in her home town, as well as shipping reading and school books amongst other materials to Ghana.

One of the most exciting aspect of the interview for us was when Nana Ama spoke about the representation and perception of Africa, ‘I think the negative perceptions the West sometimes have about Africa are the same negative perceptions Africa has about Africa. When I was growing up, I was also called an African booty scratcher by my fellow peers because of my dark colour/complexion…


During slavery, many black people were told that black was ugly and light was right. When I began being in the various African cultures from the late 90s till now and I also started travelling to the continent 13 years ago, I realized that the same mentality existed amongst our native African brothers and sisters.


They are also bleaching their skin, following European beauty standards and cultures blindly. So both perceptions are the same. Even when I’m in Africa, people think that all black people in America are ghetto and living in poverty. We are all thinking negatively of each other because of the media and because of what friends, relatives and others tell us.

It has to change and I hope that by spreading my brand and representing my brand that I can serve as an outlet for both sides to realize that these perceptions must change’.


We will like to thank for the fantastic and informative interview with the Queen Mother of Ajumako Eshiem Nana Ama Kukudam,  please do go on their website to read more of the interview.

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