Black Women’s Summer Mingle 2

Black women’s Summer Mingle was put together on the 28th of August 2015, to launch the quarterly Black women’s mingling series, to celebrate Black women’s achievements and to get everyone together in the same room to share experience, ideas and network, the event was organised by No Fly on the WALL and TRiBE. This is our first time working with both organisations and we look forward to future collaboration.


Jo-Ann A. Hamilton was the guest speaker , she is the Founder of SecretBirds, an enterprise which encourages, supports and promotes entrepreneurship to women and girls. She is a UN Empower Women Global Champion, where she champions women’s economic empowerment both on and offline. She is a blogger and writer about all things entrepreneurship and has three passions: women’s economic empowerment, entrepreneurship and sustainability. These passions have now become her raison d’etre and she flies around speaking to as many women as she can to make sure that they too are using their wings.

No Fly on the WALL is an Inter-sectional Feminist platform centering the voices of Black British women and black women living in the UK. As well as providing thought-provoking and woke content on our website, we also run workshops and masterclasses, and hold events and gatherings via our No Fly on the WALL Academy with the aim to strengthen the black community and uplift the voices of black women and other marginalized groups of society.
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TRiBE is a London based charitable organisation that was born out of a need for both work and social environments that reflect the diverse world we live in. They aim to create an environment where there are no obstacles to a fulfilling career and personal life due to race or gender; where all of the young women they work with are able to explore, excel and thrive in everything they put their mind to.
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By Abiola Bankole
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