Contribute: Afrokanist Mag

Contribute: Afrokanist Mag

Afrokanist Magazine is a business, youth and culture-focused publication dedicated to representing and celebrating Black and African youths.

Thank you for your interest in contributing to Afrokanist Magazine! Our mission is to highlight African/Black youths’ achievements in art, fashion, health, tourism, beauty, travel, politics, business, and community empowerment, to the Black/African community. We also aim to provide exposure to charities and NGO’s as well as highlight the positive efforts of people, within the community. All contributory contents need to fit within this criteria and provide a balanced representation of the African/black culture. Afrokanist Magazine focuses on all stories, because they matter <3.

Afrokanist Magazine reserves the right to accept or deny any submissions. We do not provide free print copies to contributors however, all contributors will get a copy on discount. We also do not pay for submissions. Any and all photo shoot expenses for a submission to our magazine must be covered by the team executing the concept.

We accept submissions for both our print publication and for web content. Please specify to which you’re submitting; if you do not, we will assume it’s for the website. For paid advertising, please send an email to and

Issue 3 is about Language and identity, we would like to explore how African languages has shaped our identity, also the utilisation of African languages in modern fashion, art,music,business, literature and photography. 

Photography Contributions

Afrokanist Magazine is the embodiment of community building through empowerment, art, fashion, business and culture. We love beautiful, high quality, and polished images. When submitting, please include the following information:

*Title [If you have one].

*Photographer’s Name [All photography submissions must be submitted with the photographer’s approval].

*List the creative team [All team members must be Black (African, Caribbean, Black British, of African/Black heritage and all other encompassing classifications)] i.e. Model, Make-up, Hair, Wardrobe, Stylist, Assistant, Re-toucher, etc. per photo as these credits must be included in the magazine. The photographer is responsible for having photo waivers and permission to utilize images as they please.

*A brief [1-3 lines] description of the shoot concept.

*Low web resolution [72 dpi] versions of the images [If your submission is accepted, high resolution images will be requested for the printed publication].

*Social links [In case we need to tag you while sharing online].

*Each image within a submission should be its own image. Please do not submit 2 page spreads.

Please send all photography contributions to and with “Photography Submission” as the subject and specify whether you’re submitting for the publication or web content.

Story Contributions

Afrokanist Magazine loves guest writers, bloggers and all go-getters. We appreciate you. We applaud you. We need you.

*Please include information/samples of your business/product, writing/artwork, and website or blog when inquiring about contributing.

Please send all confirmed story contributions, 300-550 words, to  and with “Story Submission – [Title of Your Story]” as the subject, and specify whether you’re submitting for the publication or web content.


Afrokanist Mag is currently a bi-annual publication released on the 29th of every 6 months – 29th June and 29th November.

*All deadlines are approximately 8 weeks before the issue release date on the 29th of that month (June 29th, November 29th).

*If a submission is accepted and the final pieces are not received before the deadline, that submission may not be published in the issue for which it was accepted.

*Only accepted submissions will definitely receive a response email. Accepted submissions will be replied to within 2 weeks.

* Afrokanist issues are available for purchase as soon as they are released and the link will be posted on our website and Instagram page.