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“Africa hot

I like am so

I know what to wear

But my friends don’t know.”

– Fela Kuti (1938-1997)

Please, I need someone to answer a series of questions for me.


Mind you, when answering, toss aside all European reasoning. Toss aside what you have been taught since your birth. Toss aside all sentiments, all foreign influences, take a step back with me, and let’s observe this.

Saying that Nigeria is a very hot place is an understatement; the Nigerian sun is so powerful that without proper care you can become two shades darker than your original shade.

So please explain to me why the corporate world insists that suit wearing is the normal and professional way of life. Why is it that we wear expensive, Italian suits? Why is that only one day of the week is reserved for our traditional wear? Why is that we feel that we must succumb to Eurocentric pressures?

If you think about it, they have a valid reason to wear suits. The Western world isn’t very blessed in terms of weather; their sun makes guest appearances most of the year. It would make a lot of sense for them to wear heavy clothing; to wear socks and long trousers and singlet and dress shirt. They are constantly in the cold.

But must we do follow follow?

 Later on you’ll be wondering why the guy on the bus is sweating profusely. I mean of course lack of deodorant is a huge factor, but besides that, has it ever occurred to you that maybe we shouldn’t wear suits like it’s the norm?

PIC 10. BUSY IDUMOTA MARKET IN LAGOS ON FRIDAY (23/12/11). I’m done with my questions. I’d like to conclude with a few wise words of Fela:

Him go sweat all over

Him go faint right down

Him go smell like shit

Him go piss for body, him no go know



By Anaecheri Angel Okwuosa

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