Ever heard of Négritude: Black History

In 1930s Paris, a cultural movement was launched named Négritude by French-speaking Black graduate students from France’s colonies in Africa and the Caribbean territories. Poet Aime Cesaire, Loepold Sedar Senghor and Leon Damas etc. were members of the initiators of the Negritude, the aim was to gather Black intellectuals around the issue of Black internationalist initiatives, to combat French imperialism and race identity.  As a result of this, they established solidarity based on their similar ideal of affirming pride in their shared Black identity and African heritage, and reclaiming African self-determination, self–reliance, and self–respect.

The Négritude movement signalled an awakening of race consciousness for blacks in Africa and the African Diaspora. As a result of the awakening,a rediscovery of self-authenticity was sparked, leading to a collective condemnation of racism, segregation, colonization and western domination/supremacy. The spark encouraged the practice of not only challenging the narrative but also changing the narrative (which is what we firmly stand for as a magazine) , acknowledgement of African culture, history, traditions and achievements of Africans in Africa and it’s diaspora, as well as reclaiming African/Black contributions to the world and restoring their rightful place within the global community. Please go on http://exhibitions.nypl.org/africanaage/essay-negritude.html for more information on movement.

Check out the work of the amazing, South African-born, Johannesburg-based, designer/illustrator/photographer/art director, Modise Sepeng aka BlackDice.






“I wanted to create a brand that in some way would kind of embrace those diversity and celebration of shared Black heritage and then work them into apparel for everyone to wear, in a similar way that brands I look up to have done”


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