I am compelled to create images that explore compositions of the human form: S.Ross Browne the Black artist to watch out for

I am passionate about challenging preconceived notions of the shared human experience and eroding the conventionally assigned racial archetypes. To that end I examine the possible in the perceived introspections and shared history of my subjects in classical pictorial representations using delineations of factual chronicles and imagined mythology. In my nascency as an artist I was content to reproduce representational tableaus that merely showcased virtuosity in form, colour, composition and gradient value. However, during my matriculation in the south I experienced illogical assumptions of class and culture based solely on the hue of flesh. My desire was to use portraiture replete with persuasive imagery that defies the common visual library as a conduit for communication and an instigator of discourse.- S. Ross Browne, American, b. Mt. Vernon, NY

Mr Browne uses his talent to bring joy in the lives of others through his humanitarian work, ‘he provides art therapy for the children of soldiers during the gulf war, by communicating their feelings through art activities and making artistic correspondence for their soldier-parents, the family as a whole experienced and diversionary art for all patents in need’- www,scrossbrowne.com






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