Mind Ur Mind: Depression and Mindfulness

Mind Ur Mind: Depression and Mindfulness

What is depression?


Depression is often misunderstood as just feeling sad, the myths and shame surrounding depression leads to denial and ignorance which can cause confusion and unnecessary pain. Depression is a common and serious medical illness that negatively affects how you feel, the way you think and how you act.

Depression causes feelings of sadness and/or a loss of interest in activities you once enjoyed.  It can lead to a variety of emotional and physical problems and can decrease a person’s ability to function at work and at home.

What is mindfulness?



Mindfulness is about observation without criticism; being compassionate with yourself. When unhappiness or stress hover overhead, rather than taking it all personally, you learn to treat them as if they were black clouds in the sky, and to observe them with friendly curiosity as they drift past. In essence, mindfulness allows you to catch negative thought patterns before they tip you into a downward spiral. It begins the process of putting you back in control of your life. (The Art Of Breathing,Professor Mark Williams )

How can the practice of mindfulness help your depression?

Being mindful of our patterns and habits while feeling low and being aware of what we are doing, while doing it can really help in reducing depression, according to Dr. Theresa J.Borchard being mindful of what we’re doing can be a powerful way to weaken the grip of these thought streams, particularly if we bring awareness to the sensations and feelings in our bodies. By doing this over and over again, we end up living more in the actuality of the present moment and less “in our heads,” going over and over things that happened in the past, or worrying about the future.

Being aware of what we’re doing while we’re doing it offers us a way to “shift mental gears.” Our minds can work in a number of different modes, or “mental gears.” We often operate as if we were on automatic pilot. In this mode, it’s very easy to slide unawares into the ruminative negative thinking that can transform a passing sadness into a deeper depression. When we’re deliberately mindfully aware of what we’re doing, it’s as if we shift mental gears into a different mode of mind. In this mode, we are less likely to get stuck in ruminative thinking – and life is richer and more rewarding.

Why should you attend Afrokanist Magazine’s Mind Ur Mind event?

On the 18th of November 2017 Afrokanist Magazine will be holding Mind Ur Mind: Depression and Healing event highlighting the importance of addressing Mental Health. The event aims to challenge common misconceptions about depression and anxiety within the Black Community and to provide support in identifying common triggers.

On the day you will have the opportunity to ask as Alice Leigh, a mindfulness and yoga teacher as many questions as you want regarding depression, anxiety and mindfulness.

The event will be hosted by Business Management, Business Strategist and Content Marketer Mariam Tijani and Founder and CEO of Afrokanist Magazine, Editor , Digital Marketer, Content creator and Photographer  Abiola Balikis Bankole.

Place: 198 Gallery

Date: November-18th-2017

Time: 6pm-9pm

Address: 198 Railton Rd Herne Hill London SE24 0JT

Activities: Panel Discussion

Focus Groups: Men and Women

Parking/Travel details:198 is located at the junction between Railton Road and Hurst Street

Train: Herne Hill
Tube: Brixton

Buses: 322, 196, 3, 37, 201, 68, 468 to Herne Hill

There are two parking bays less than 10 metres from the building on Hurst Street, provided for the disabled. There is pay and display parking on the surrounding streets. The building is accessible to wheelchair users with disabled and baby changing facilities.

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