Oshun: The manifestation of the Yoruba deity in modern American music

I’m stuck here feeling insecure, weak and immature
Eyes are turning green from jealousy telling me
That my doors are closing
So I had to force them open
Keep my spirit flowing in knowing
The competition that I’m fearing does not exist
And the opposition that I’m feeling will not persist
Once I understand that their power won’t diminish mine
And that the hate I’m harboring is toxic to my mind
So clear my head and heart instead of holding onto pain
Once I find my center I’ll begin to flourish once again


For those who are not familiar with Oshun, here is a brief history lesson for y’all. Oshun is a Yoruba deity; Yoruba’s are an ethnic group in Nigeria, West Africa. Oshun is known as the mother of the sweet rivers, she reflects the manifestation of God in the oceans, she embodies great beauty, prosperity, fertility, her love is as sweet as honey, she embodies and celebrates feminine energy in all of its glory and she is sometimes refereed to as angel of fire.  Oshun also represents the duality of life, Oshun is a great lover in all aspects, Oshun is widely loved across the Yoruba land.


Oshun was brought to the western world as a result of the Transatlantic slave trade. After the abolition of slavery the worshipping and celebration of Oshun continued and now Oshun is globally recognized, she goes by several names such as Oshun , Ochun , Oxum, Laketi and SantaMaria.

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Now let’s talk about the music band Oshun, the first time we came across their music, we immediately got a sense of strong sisterhood, spirituality, also a sense of resistance against systematic racism and inequality.


Here is why we are super excited to write about the music band, we believe they are the band to watch out for, they are doing amazing things through their music in fact we believe their style is revolutionary, we believe it is about time that music is used to empower young Black women Spiritually.


There are music that highlights the importance of women being independent, women being unapologetically authentic, however what we find impressive about Oshun is their focus on spiritual emancipation, it takes a lot of gut to represent Yoruba spirituality in modern day music, spiritual freedom we believe is essential for all women especially in an era filled with disaster and uncertainty.



This young sisters embody so much knowledge and spiritual understating, it is definitely clear to see that the deity Oshun favours them.


So here is our advice to you, drop everything you are doing and update your playlist for refreshing and empowering music, their album is called Asase Yaa, our two favourite songs on this album is ‘Fallback’ and  ‘Stuck’ you can thank us later.

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