Six Leading African Women In The UK That You Should Know About.

Being an African woman does not just mean I was born in Africa. It means I have embraced my culture and acknowledged my worth. We’re proud African women because Africa is born in us. – Vivian Timothy

Faustina Anyanwu

Faustina Anyanwu also known as Fauntee Bon, she is an author, writer, editor, poet, motivational speaker, co-founder and chief editor of C.hub magazine. She is also the founder of My black Woman (MBW PR and creative agency) that helps women owned businesses to take their place in the global branding. She creates periodic conferences, seminars, and events to celebrate and inspire growth within the Black communities, helping create more black entrepreneurs and achievers.  She is the initiator of the annual event – Divas of colour, a special occasion that brings together world’s most powerful women of colour to celebrate success, recognize and reward talents and to discover great upcoming achievers.

“We have a responsibility towards our young ones. As always, Divas of colour finds the most pressing issues to bring awareness on and thus help the charities at the forefront to raise fund so they can do what they do best… We can no longer pretend these things are not happening. They are happening has we speak. We’re aware that young girls as young as 12 years are at risk of being forced into marriage, we’re aware that disabled children are being killed daily in different cultures , and they’re branded witches and demons. It’s our duty to help safeguard these little innocent lives”– Faustina Anyanwu.

Precious Ngwu

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Precious Ngwu is a mother of four with a law degree, she is currently a teacher, and she describes herself as a multi-tasking mother from Liberia. Precious is the Founder and CEO of Stand Up and Stand Out a parent led non-profit organization, meeting the needs of parents/careers with children, young people & adults with Vision Impairment &Albinism.

The idea of Stand up and Stand, she said ‘came about when I had my Albino children, they are vision impairments and they are albinos and I thought to myself that, there are no organizations dedicated to African or Black Albino children in our community, we need a place where children who do stand out could go to and share their experience. This is a result of  discrimination they face by the society, with my children I use to hear comments that were extremely painful, which led to my action, I realized if we do not act now has this kids are growing up, they will be exposed to a lot of things which could possibly destroy them, most importantly they need to know that they are loved, special and important to the society, and the world needs to know that they are human beings they are not for rituals’.

Precious said her message for children or young adults in black and African community who do stand out is that she is proud of them ‘when you Stand Up and Stand Out there is nothing that can stop you from going higher, standing up and standing out is just the beginning and the sky is not your limit, you must continue with what you are doing and one day your voice is going to be heard. The way has already been paved for you; you just need to find your goals. Do not go where you are not appreciated; go to where you are Celebrated and Appreciated’.

DR Nkem Ezeilo

DR Nkem is a GP, author and award-winning speaker, we have been following DR Nkems work for the past few months and her healthy eating recipes. Her methods promotes a holistic and sustainable healthy lifestyle, according to the article published by DR Nkem  ‘combines her strong Medical background with her background in Personal Development and an understanding of human behavior, to help clients bring about the necessary changes in habits that lead to improved health and Peak Performance. She helps patients reverse such conditions as obesity, overweight, diabetes type 2, hypertension, arthritis, depression, anxiety and stress – without medication’.

Lydia Tett Olet

Lydia Tett Olet is an actress, a writer, an assistant director and presenter of She is also the Founder and Director of Malaika Dance Unique, and the super woman behind Kenya in the park and in September 2015 she was awarded for her achievements by the True African Heritage Awards. You have a lot to look forward to, because we will be writing more about Lydia Tett Olet and Kenya in The Park 2016.

Pauline Long

Pauline Long is the Founder and CEO of BEFFTA the biggest black awards ceremony (BEFFTA Awards) that gives back to the community by honouring and rewarding Black personalities within the entertainment, film, fashion, television and arts in UK, USA, Canada, Caribbean and Africa. Also the Founder and CEO of African Pageants; Miss East Africa UK Beauty Pageant and MR East Africa UK Beauty Pageant as well co-founder member of Miss West Africa.  Pauline Long is an entrepreneur, fashion designer, presenter and philanthropist. We came across Pauline Long’s work on BEN TV last year and ever since we have been hooked on her authenticity and how she embodies everything African, from culture, beauty to politics. Pauline is a well-known presenter and panellist for other major media outlets such as BBC, Voice of Africa Radio, Afro News Newspaper.

Rukayat Aderewa Basaru

Rukayat Aderewa Basaru popularly known as Adebeauty love is a Speaker, Parent Governor, Entrepreneur and Mother. She has three Organizations in UK that is helping Africans in both home and abroad in different ways i.e. Education, Immigration, Family Issue, Marriage/Divorce, children Advise, Youth empowerment, Employment, Business and many more. She has been nominated for different awards including International Achievers Awards and Life Changers Awards, MBE Awards, NEA Awards etc. She believes in giving back to the community like she always say, inspire before you expire.

The True African Heritage Brand, Image and vision, goes beyond the art of community engagement and building relationships, it is a vision inspired to promote, celebrate and embrace “all great things African” amongst various  African communities in the diaspora and around the world. Adebeauty is very passionate about “Connecting and Networking” – the trend to build and develop great networks, partnerships and collaborations is fast becoming a mandatory feature in all of the colorful and inspirational events she has organized. Her mindset, energy and vision have set the pace for Africans from different backgrounds to enjoy and embrace the art of growing and loving together.

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