The South African Scientist: Sandile Ngcobo

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Meet the scientist from South Africa Sandile Ngcobo, as part of his PHD, he invented the breakthrough Digital Laser at the university of Kwazulu-Natal, which made him a key part of the team at the council for scientific and industrial researches National Laser centre. It has been said that his invention,the digital laser is set to open up revolutionary new technology for medicine, communications,manufacturing,product development and so much more.

(Photo by Gallo Images / Foto24 / Lisa Hnatowicz)Furthermore in 2013 under the title ‘A digital laser for on demand laser modes’ Ngcobo and the team’s findings was published, and written under the article was the following ‘the finding demonstrated that instead of resorting to expensive optics or other special mediating devices to control the shape of the light coming out of a laser, laser beams can be digitally controlled from inside the laser device itself’.


The South  African institute of physics, president Dr Igle Gleduil stated the technology ‘is what is often termed a breakthrough and it is a real breakthrough’ he continued by stating that ‘the digital laser opens up new vision of laser applications and there are uses that we haven’t even thought of yet. In that way, it is very much like the original invention of the laser over 50 years ago’ to conclude he stated that ‘seeing world first come through from labs in South Africa is a joy shared across the scientific community, especially when young students are involved in this hands-on way’ 


Ngcobo said he believed the digital laser would prove to be a “disruptive” technology. “This is technology which may change the status quo and which could create new markets and value networks within the next few years or decade.”

Below is a video of Mr Ngcobo talking about his invention.


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